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It’s easy to streamline your business finances when you have 24-hour access to online tools that make payroll, tax payments, and reporting easy. Entitlements allow you to share the workload by giving other employees access to specified accounts and tools.

However, electronic transfer and payment authorization tools can be used for fraudulent purposes, so it’s critical that you fully understand the ramifications of granting another User access to your accounts.

User Types

Part of Business Edition’s flexibility includes multiple levels of user access:

  • Primary Contact – Individual that has authority to use all the features of Online Banking Business Edition and establish or remove entitlements for Company Administrators and Users. Must be an authorized signer on the account.
  • Company Administrator – Person(s) that have the authority to use all the features of Online Banking Business Edition and establish or remove entitlements for other Company Administrators and/or Users.
  • User – Person(s) with limited permission to use certain features of Online Banking Business Edition. May not add or delete other Users or change entitlements.
  • Approval Groups – Set of Users given permission to approve other Users' transactions.

Considerations for adding Users and Company Administrators

When you add a Company Administrator, you are granting that individual the same rights and privileges you have in regard to your main business account.

Company Administrators have the authority to add and delete other Administrators and Users, transfer funds between accounts, withdraw funds, and view all aspects of accounts. They also have the authority to change User IDs and PACs and deactivate the User ID for other Company Administrators, Users, and even the Primary Contact.

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union is not responsible for any loss, damage or expense you may incur from any transactions made through Online Banking Business Edition that were submitted with a valid User ID and PAC. For this reason, caution should be exercised when assigning entitlements. Please refer to your Online Banking Business Edition Service Disclosure for more details on security and liability limitations.

When a User has left your employment you should immediately change the status to inactive. Undue exposure can also be avoided by inactivating any User or Company Administrator that is on an extended absence.

Company Administration

Administering Users

Admin Reports

Audit reports can be an important way to monitor and protect your assets. That’s because they allow you to view transaction activity for a specific time period at a glance. They also include a high level of detail and let you know which Users have performed which transactions.

There are two audit reports available on the “Admin Reports” page. Both are available in a pre-defined format that can be displayed by clicking on the appropriate link – “System Activity” or “User Entitlements.” This will take you to a page where you can set report criteria, such as specific time period, report format, header/footer, etc. Set your options and then choose “Generate Report” to view your information. After you generate a report, you may view it onscreen and export it in a variety of formats.

How to create a custom report that you can use later

From the Admin Reports page choose "New Custom Report." Set your options, name your report, and then click Save. It will now be listed in the Saved Custom Reports dropdown box, where you can run the report, edit, or delete it in the future.

Alternatively, you can click on a standard report template, System Activity or User Permission, set your options and then click Save Report.

Once you name and save the report, you will return to the report editing page where you can click on Generate Report to view the information. This report will be added to the Saved Custom Reports list.

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